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40 hours minimum training and hire of car for test day
Save £224+





 10 hours block and then £25.00 p/h until test day




  Intro Offer 4 hrs for £80, just to get you started
then normal prices apply









 Twenty hours of lessons block booked in advance



Ten hours of lessons block booked in advance




 Minimum two hour lesson, pay as you learn




 Two hours before the test, car hire for the test









 Forty hours of lessons over 1 to 3 weeks including test day [Theory must be passed before booking]



Minimum six hours of training on all road types.




 Motorway training




 Two hour lesson to refresh rusty driving skills




The D.V.S.A suggests that the average person requires 47 hours with a qualified instructor and 22 hours driving practice in order to pass their test. Please note that terms and conditions apply to all lessons.

The hourly rate you pay is determined by which package you choose.
Prices are regularly checked against nationwide rates to ensure they are competitive.
Goldstar will not lower prices to beat a deal offered by another company.
Payments are required prior to lessons commencing.
Payments can be made by bank transfer, cash or by debit card over the phone to
0800 820 2044
The Practical Test day rate includes a two hour lesson prior to the test and one hour's hire of the car for the duration of the test.
All prices are non-negotiable.
Please ensure you choose your package carefully.


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