Some Of The Most Common Reasons You Can Fail Your Test

Observation At Junctions:
          Failing to correctly use the mirrors when approaching junctions is one of the most common
          reasons to fail a driving test. When you approach a junction be sure to use your mirrors,
          take note of the flow of traffic and slow to an appropriate speed. Also be sure to observe other
          vehicles and the road around you while ensuring that you don’t come to a stop over the white line.

Reverse Parking:
          This one trips up quite a few learner drivers, which is a shame since it’s such a silly reason to fail
          a driving test. The key is quite simply good observation and good preparation. The manoeuvres
          are an easy to practice and predictable part of the driving test; you should have them perfected
          before you consider booking your test.

Mirror Use:
          It’s easy to forget when you should check your mirrors, but we’ve got a simple trick to help
          you remember. If you are changing speed or direction or moving off in the vehicle, check your
          mirrors. If you’re unsure if you should be checking your mirrors, check them just in case.

Moving Away Safely:
          Failing to use your mirrors before pulling away is one of those reasons for failing a driving
          test that will really leave you kicking yourself. It’s such a small thing, but it really is vital:
          fail to look around you before you pull away and literally anything could happen.
          Before you move away,

Use Of Signals:
          Forgetting to signal is another one of those “how can I be so stupid?!” mistakes. Repeating
          the good old-fashioned
“mirror, signal, manoeuvres routine is an easy way to avoid failing a
          driving test on this one. 

          Incorrect Positioning:
          Using the wrong lane on roundabouts or coasting over the white line at junctions can slip up
          even the best-prepared learner. Have a refresher lesson just before your driving test and talk to
         your instructor to make sure you’re 100% confident when it comes to positioning.

Steering Control:
          Don’t cross your hands while steering, don’t allow the wheel to spin freely and don’t drive
          with your hands off the wheel for any longer than is necessary to change gear and you
          should avoid failing a driving test on this particular fault.

           Inappropriate Speed:
          Hard as it is to believe, some people fail their driving test for speeding with an examiner in
          the car! Keep an eye on the speedo to ensure that you’re not going too fast and be mindful of the
          speed of the traffic around you to ensure that you’re not going dangerously slow.