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Theory Test


All Theory Training is FREE for all students.

Theory training is provided by Theory Test Pro. They give you a current bank of questions in test form by the DVSA.
The training also includes 18  hazard perception clips and a full copy of the Highway Code.
1] The first part of the Theory Test  involves 50 multiple choice questions and you have 57  minutes in order to answer them. The pass mark is 43.    
2] The second part of the Theory Test is hazard perception, this is taken a few minutes after completing the multiple choice questions.  The questions comprise of 14 video clips, the pass mark required is 44 out of a possible 75.

Once you have passed your Theory Test, you must pass the Practical Test within two years.
If you don't you will be required to take the Theory Test again.
The current fee for the Theory Test is £23.00. To book the test you need to go to the Direct Gov website.


Aylsham - Dereham - Hethersett
Norwich - Taverham
and more in Norfolk


Practical Test


The Practical Test lasts between 38 and 43 minutes depending on road conditions and volume of traffic.
Before you leave the test centre you will be given an eyesight test of approximately 20 metres.
As you get to the car you will be asked one [Tell Me] question about the car
You will be asked to perform one [Show Me] Question while driving, on the move
You can find them listed
During the test you will be asked to follow the road ahead unless given instructions otherwise.
At some point you will be expected to drive independently for 20 minutes  following Sat Nav directions pre-set by the Examiner

You will be asked to demonstrate your ability to perform one of several manouvres
1] Reverse into a parking bay and drive out
2] Drive forward into a parking bay and reverse out
3] Park alongside parallel to the curb [Parallel Park]
4] Stop on the right hand side of the road and reverse straight for approx two car lengths
   You may also be asked to perform an emergency stop.

Generally the test will involve a variety of road conditions, from narrow town streets with parked cars and pedestrians, to major roads and dual carriageways. Your training will take you round all roads in your test area so you will be well prepared for any road that you drive on when ready to take your test.
Most importantly, we will teach you to be relaxed, and encourage you to develop observational skills, effective use of mirrors and planning the road ahead. We want to teach you to be a safe, confident and conscientious driver.

To book your
Practical Test, you must have first completed your Theory Test, or alternatively we can book it for you. We will prepare you for all that may be asked of you on the day, but the end result relies on your understanding, commitment and confidence on the day.

The current fee for the Practical Test is
£62 or £75 for Weekend Tests
Note : We will not allow you to use our car for the practical test if we do not believe you are at a suitable standard. This will ensure your safety and ultimately will save you money in training.

If you choose to use your own car for the test, it is required by law to meet the
DVSA Own Car Requirements.

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